Rally Here

A web site dedicated to the PS4 Smite Amateur Invitational League

Greetings fellow Smite player and welcome to SAIL! The Season 5 of Smite is here! If you are searching for the best PlayStation league for competitive play then we have you covered. Explore the site, research stats for league games, find a team over at the free agent market or by visiting our many social pages.

Status on stats

The SAIL league will be keeping a running total of stats for all SAIL matches played this season.  To make sure we have the most accurate data, we will be pulling the game information from Hi-Rez servers for each match.  Unfortunately for custom games, Hi-Rez has a 7 day waiting period before you can pull that data.  So be patient - stats should start appearing this week.

Team pages have begun

To make live easier for our players, there are now team pages on the rallyhere site.  These pages import data from our league republic site and will show the current standings and team schedules for the next 7 days.  You can find team pages under the "Team" tab in the header bar.

Jungle Path Calculator Released!!

Season 5 has one heck of a map. So your friendly rallyhere site admin has built a custom application that will calculate fastest map routing, travel time and distance. As an added bonus a farm calculator has been added to inform you on how much gold and exp various items on the map are worth at a given time in the game. Enjoy!

SAIL Community

You don't have to be in a game to tell some one "You Rock". A listing of SAIL related social sites and Smite Streamers. You might even catch one of your favorite SAIL league players streaming.

New Years Brawl!

26 Teams enter, one team leaves with the crown. A one day, 12 hour Smite-fest featuring independent teams and teams from the SAIL and PSL league. Many of the games will be live streamed on Twitch. Follow the link below to see the tournament bracket, make a tournament prediction, possibly win prizes and get Brawl more insights.